Molded Pulp Packaging Manufacturers, which produce Molded Pulp Packaging, including Molded Pulp Trays and Boxes, accept Custom Molded Pulp Packaging
We Are Molded Pulp Packaging Paper Trays Manufacturer

We Are Molded Pulp Packaging Paper Trays Manufacturer

As one of China's most professional Molded Pulp Packaging Manufacturers , we can design and Custom bamboo and bagasse Molded Pulp Packaging products suitable for industries with the highest cosmetic standards .

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  • Manufacturing Experience


    More Than 20 Years Manufacturing Experience for Custom paper box And  Molded Pulp Trays Packaging

  • Serving customers


    Molded Pulp Trays And Molded Pulp Paper Box Products Are Sold To More Than 100 Countries

  • Manufacturing Factory


    We Have Molded Pulp Packaging Oversized Factory And Molded Pulp Trays Equipment Workshop



    Our Molded Pulp Packaging、Molded Pulp Trays、Molded Pulp Box Have Many Industry Patents      

  • Service


    Professional Custom Molded Pulp Engineer, Custom Molded Pulp Packaging Engineer, Custom Molded Pulp Box Engineer


We have maintained long-term business relations with more than 30 major clients, such as BenQ, Logitech, ASUS, Pioneer, LG, Motorola, BYD, Sony, HP, MSI, Makita, to name just a few. Our daily output averages are as follows: 1,000,000 brochures, 600,000 color boxes, 3,000,000 self-adhesive tapes, and 500,000 nameplates, totaling up to 19.0 million US dollars in the average annual yield.With a view to integrating itself to the prevailing international practice. In addition, We are Molded Pulp Packaging Manufacturers and Molded Pulp Manufacturers. We are also Custom Molded Pulp and Custom Molded Pulp Packaging, committed to 100% Recyclable, Sustainable Packaging Solutions.


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