Molded Pulp Packaging Manufacturers, which produce Molded Pulp Packaging, including Molded Pulp Trays and Boxes, accept Custom Molded Pulp Packaging

About Us

 25 Years Of Experience In This Business.


Our number of employees in June, 2007 reaches 1,300.Our company specializes in a wide range of printings for color boxes, hang labels, brochures, product catalogs, self-adhesive tapes, and nameplates. We have maintained long-term business relations with more than 30 major clients, such as BenQ, Logitech, ASUS, Pioneer, LG, Motorola, BYD, Sony, HP, MSI, Makita, to name just a few. Our daily output averages are as follows: 1,000,000 brochures, 600,000 color boxes, 3,000,000 self-adhesive tapes, and 500,000 nameplates, totaling up to 19.0 million US dollars in the average annual yield.With a view to integrating itself to the prevailing international practice. Image



Focuses on paper packaging since 1996
Well-known brands of Chinese
packaging enterprises
Excellent design team
Strength factory, quick delivery

Our Faith:
Honesty, Superior Quality,
Innovation and win-win strategy



We have advanced printing equipment imported from Germa-ny, Japan and other countries,such as automatic stripping die cutting machine,automatic high speed paste box machine…


The workshop is equipped with 6s workshop management, and the equipment is regularly main-tained every day so that they can produce high quality cartons.


 ★Most of us are 90’s we are fully energetic and passis-onate

 ★More than 80% of employ-ees have more than 5 years of work experience and high employee loyalty

★Every month we hold a birthday party and actively participate in various public welfare activities to fulfill our social responsibilities

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